Success stories: marriages through positivesaathi.
All the stories submitted below are the ones that came to my knowledge through the feedbacks of the married persons. There may be many more persons who have used the platform of positivesaathi and found the partners but haven’t thought it necessary to inform us about their matchmaking efforts and happy results. It’s ok. (Note: we haven’t given the names and other details of the persons precisely to maintain the confidentiality of the concerned persons.)

First success was intercontinental...!!!
Unmarried boy of 28 from Singapore called me last summer on my cell phone. I was surprised to receive that international call. Within a couple of seconds I recognized that he is the person who was in touch with me through e-mail and chatting since last 1 month. He was basically from Hyderabad and was working in a MNC at Singapore as a software engineer. His status was not known to his family at Hyderabad. Since his younger brother and sister were to be married, his parents were very eager for his marriage. He registered on positivesaathi from Singapore to find a positive girl.

A girl of 28 basically from Andhra Pradesh got married with an Indian boy residing at London. Within a couple of years she got pregnant and was diagnosed HIV +ve. She realised that her husband was already HIV +ve and has transferred the virus to her. She got divorced to live alone with her girl child. She registered on positivesaathi from London to find a positive partner.

As both were basically from AP and having same mother tongue, they send interest to each other through positivesaathi. They mailed, talked with each other and finally decided to tie the knot.

The boy called me to say thanks. He said he have applied for visa to UK and is going to UK to marry her and to take her to Singapore. He also told me that after marriage he may not be in touch with me later.