Second success story: Canada resident Indian got married with Mumbai lady.
It was my first ever occasion to meet a group of HIV +ve persons after the launching of the website. I used to be in touch with all of them through phone, mail or chat. Due to some official work I was at Mumbai and just gave a friendly call to some of the registered persons there. One of my registered friends requested me to arrange meeting with one registered lady from Mumbai. I kindly requested her to attend the meeting. I called other three persons also to join the small get together. The man of 34 was having a girl child and was divorced. The lady was also widowed. Sadly, she was also cheated by her husband and got the painful gift of the virus from him. In spite of knowing that the man has married her knowing his +ve status before marriage and brought life-time pains to her, she stayed with him till his last breath. After coming out of the shock, as per the suggestions of her doctor to get remarried, she registered on positivesaathi. She also joined our get together of 5 persons in Mumbai. The man was interested in her but she was having earlier communication with another man from Canada. He was basically from India from a neighboring state of Maharashtra. She told me that she has already fixed her future with that person. Two months later I got the warm invitation from the couple to attend their marriage. Since it was almost 1000 km from my place, I was unable to attend their marriage. It was the happiest day of the year for me. The words I received from the couple were more than any award on this earth. I felt like my kids have got married. They use to call me frequently. God bless them.

Success in Andhra Pradesh.
Just like the regular routine, we were replying the mails of the registered persons. While registering, many persons give their address, mail id and phone no. To maintain the confidentiality, we never display these personal details on the site. But if someone gets no reply from the websites send-receive interest feature, he/she calls us or sends us mail requesting these persons communication details of that specific profile. We just replied one mail from Andhra Pradesh giving some details of ladies from there. When we received his reply mail, we were surprised to discover another success story. The man told us that he contacted one lady and found that she has already found life partner through positivesaathi and married couple of months before. Positivesaathi has no doubt created a platform for match making. It is successful to bring the +ve persons on this platform. We are trying to build the confidence among our positive brothers/ sisters. Still most of the persons try to hide their status with identity and that might be the reason that we are not getting the proper feedback of all the developments in match making through the site. Still we were happy to know that we were successful to bring the joy and happiness in the life of them. May god bring all the joys in their life.