Success at Mumbai-Pune.
The lady of 34 from Pune was not familiar with computer and internet as she was from a lower middle class family and was not that educated. Her uncle was insisting her to get re-married after divorce but she was not ready to think in that direction. Her doctor told her one day that there is a website for matchmaking of +ve persons and she should take help of that website. Her doctor gave her my cell no and asked to contact me. We uploaded her profile immediately. Another person from Mumbai was in personal contact with me on phone like the other 250 registered persons. One day he asked me about her contact details. Taking her permission, I gave him her cell no. Few weeks later we learnt that they have tied their knot with each other and they are marring soon. It’s so nice feeling to see the joys and hopes on the face of persons who otherwise unnecessarily think that their life is a total failure.

Success in Mumbai: lady from NGO found her partner.
It was the time when I was trying to communicate with various NGO’s working for +ve persons. I searched for the NGO’s on net and was informing them about this platform for matchmaking. I called one NGO from Pune and talked with the lady working there. Within no time she told me that she is also interested in marriage. I registered many of their members on positivesaathi along with her profile. After 2 months she told me that she has been transferred to other NGO at Mumbai. In a few days later she told me that she is in communication with one person from Mumbai. I attended one get together of +ve persons for marriage at Mumbai and met her first time on that occasion. I was amazed with the confidence she was having. Indeed she was an ideal for all the +ve females in India. In such a society where males also seem to be lost their confidence and the charm of their living, I was really surprised looking at the stability of her mind. She might have been realised that HIV is just a disease like blood pressure and diabetes and with proper medication and precautions she can live like an ordinary person for a longer time. She was having a correct vision of human body and health. May god bring this vision to all the +ve persons on this earth, specifically in India. A month later we were happy again to know that they have tied their knot with each other. God bless them.