Success in realizing the truth of existence and humanity: A case of Sikh-Hindu, inter-religion marriage.
A couple of months earlier I got a call from Amritsar (Punjab). Manjeetsing was on phone. He was a senior employee in defense. At the age of 42 he was feeling alone and was searching for a positive life partner to share his feelings and spent the remaining life with a dedicated loving life partner. He was interested in one Hindu lady of 37 from Solapur. He was asking about more details about her. I told him that I haven’t met her and can’t describe about her physic and looks since I have uploaded her profile based on the phone communication only. I called her to update these developments. She asked me to be a mediator for this inter-religion relation. I was really confused to handle this uncommon situation. Both of them were insisting that unless I am present as a mediator, they are not going to take any decision. Later the meeting was decided at Pune last month (feb-2009). I was seeking the help of some knowledgeable and matured person in this field. I requested Prof. Bagul from Life-Care-Centre, Pune. As I am the district in-charge of RTO at Ratnagiri, and having some urgent meetings here, I was unable to go to Pune. The couple met with each other at 9 AM at Pune for the first time. She came with her uncle and he came with her sister. After spending a couple of hours together, they went to Prof Bagul. After a brief counseling, they decided to get marry. Prof Bagul helped them by every kind. In the afternoon they were married!!!

Many a times I see that persons show interest in each other. They meet each other again and again. On such a painful situation of life when the life span seems to be measurable, they insist on cast, looks, wealth and religion and always hesitate to take a decision. The reliability and basic nature of the person is many times overlooked. I salute to this couple as they went beyond man-made restrictions and as they have realised the real truth of existence. We need love and caring to spend our lives happily at least in this crucial stage. I came to tears when this man who is 3 years elder to me said that “sir, you are god for us.” How can I tell him that I am doing a simple job of a telephone operator or tourist-guide and getting the salary of Director-General of department of telecommunication or tourism? Sometimes I feel like I am getting more returns with my small service to humanity. God bless them.

IT boy gets his cute life partner through site.
1st March 2009. Almost 100 +ve persons were gathered at Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune to find the +ve life partner. Life care centre and jointly organized that event. All members of Life care centre were informed. Almost 800 registered members of positivesaathi were informed about this get together opportunity. Almost 150 Maharashtra members were communicated through SMS by the editor of positivesaathi. Through this collective effort, almost 100 +ve persons attended the function. In the introduction section, suddenly one handsome boy of 28 years old came on the stage and introduced himself as a software engineer from Mumbai. He thanked positivesaathi for the new pleasant turn of his life. It was great news for me. He told us that he have found a girl of 25 yrs old from Pune only. In the next month the date of engagement was to be fixed. After the function I met him again and was happy to meet his cute life partner who specially came to meet me. Indeed it was a nice couple. With a very small efforts of mine I again saw two lives getting a new ray of hope and another dimension of life.