About Us

We positivesaathi family have a lot to say about us but the main thread binding us all is the true sense of social obligations we have in our heart. Society made us live happily but there are some members of society who desperately needs the help of  their healthy brothers. 

"Being a HIV positive is actually not the end of life but actually beginning of a more planned life* as per Mr Anil valiv, senior rto officer, who started this matrimony portal in 2005.when he was district incharge of Ratnagiri.

The very initial supporters were mr Anil Joshi of Ratnagiri who frequently took follow up and encouraged to start the website at earliest. Then came the major role from the department higher officer Mr Satish Sahasrabudhdhe who was deputy transport commissioner at transport commissioner office, Mumbai. He said only one sentence. Just start the website. Even ten HIV positive persons will register only on its a grand success. Keep the couting if marriages aside. It was a great support.

Family started growing with the welwidhers and media supporters. When the load of attending mails and phone calls started increasing miss sheetal Salvi appeared like a warm helping hand and with her personal follow up of members she arranged more than 25 marriages.

Meanwhile we started organising physical marriage meets, vadhu var melava. The first meet was organised at kolhapur in 2009 since then more than 25 meets have been arranged till now. Family kept on growing when Mr Anand shinde, from arogya.com joined hands with us.  Dr sham jagtap handled the medical aspects. 

Dr chougule from Mai adhar kendra of ichalkaranji was a dedicated person in service of HIV persons. We together are arranging matrimony get together since 2010 every year at ichalkaranji to help people around Kolhapur and Karnataka.

Mr Sachin labade entered our family with anand Shinde's recommendations. Being a software engineer and developer, he upgraded the positivesaathi.com to meet with newest technologies.

Since we were not having any source of income or donation, almost all of the members justified their role free of cost as a part of social service.the unavoidable expenses were beared by Mr valiv in memory of his lost HIV friend.

In 2015, Mr valiv got a minor stroke but survied with blessings of thousands of welwidhers and realised that this work have to carried forward irrespective of any single person. A NGO in the name of poditivesaathi sanstha was formed in 2015 with this thought.

Mr Nitin Tiwari entered the family as a helpline assistant and justified his role with all energy.

A dynamic  and energetic personality Mr Sanjay Naidu, Retired Colonel, enteted  the family with keeping the painful memory of the recent death of his only son Shekhar in road accident, aside. Along with handling his own trust Shekhar naidu memorial trust for orphans and old-age people, he proved his warrior's role while showing a true social spirit.

Meanwhile Mr Amir Tamboli , a software engineer, encouraged the family as an elder brother. Recently when there was financial crisis due to brain hammeriage of mr valiv in 2018, and discontinuation of his job for a couple of years,

Mr. Islam Shaikh, CEO, PreCloud Technologies extended his free of cost support for upgradation of website and to make it user friendly.

There are hundreds of other helping hands who have done their godly role behind the curtains.

I Mr Anil Valiv, with a lot of respect want to thank my family, my better half, my wife Swati Valiv and my closet friend Mr Manoj Patil who saved my life when I was sinking after the major stroke.

Now the positivesaathi sanstha consists of following body members.