Hiv Meditation

We have two common eyes/ approaches towards the world of meditation.

First eye is of a common man with a traditional approach of myths, beliefs and rituals in relation with the meditation and religious practices.

The second eye is of the scientists and doctors who try to measure the direct effect of meditation on human body and brain.

The third eye is of a meditating person who always keeps his inner eye open to find out the scientific roots of the process of meditation he is experiencing.

Section 1: science behind meditation.
Many persons (like doctors and scientists) know the working of human body and brain.

Many persons do the meditation sincerely and get all the benefits of it.

But hardly anybody tries to relate the process of meditation with the working of body and brain.

Let’s discover the hidden things related with the meditation with a new approach.

From thousands of years, mankind has discovered many meditation techniques and rituals to get the peace of mind and enlightenment. The gifted persons discovered the techniques to tame the mind and brain with the ultimate aim of uniting with the universal conscious. The techniques were mostly presented in the name of religious rituals, which were easily digested and followed by the masses. But sadly many a times, the intellectual class stayed away of that glorious stream just because there were limitations to explain the science behind these techniques and discoveries. Now with the advancement of medical science we are in a state to explain the science behind their discoveries up to certain extent.

This website is a small but honest effort in that direction.

The author of the website is an engineering graduate with a keen interest in meditation and the science behind it since last 18 years. Through consistent effort he has developed an extraordinary ability to sense the various active regions in the brain in various states of mind and body. He has tried to reach the depths in meditation with the help of vipasyana, reiki, art of living, yoga and pranayama. Now working as a govt. officer (Dy. RTO, district in charge of motor vehicles department of Maharashtra) he is trying to support a modern approach to the meditation.

Have a nice journey through the old route with a new vehicle.

  • The human brain and its role in meditation.
  • The nervous system and meditation.
  • The endocrine system and chakras.
  • Reiki, aura and Kirlian photography.
  • Oum: the science behind it and worldwide research.
  • The importance of proper breathing and pranayama.
  • Creative arts, meditation and brain.
  • Different meditation techniques.
  • Major Ancient techniques.
  • Major Modern techniques.
  • Other techniques.
  • Major world religions/ cultures and the science behind their rituals and traditions.