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Mr. Shivaji Barge

Mr. Shivaji Barge
Success Story of Mr. Shivaji Barge
I am sharing my story because I see, hear and read so much misinformation about HIV infection and transmission. All the while, I realise that I am alive today because of the anti–viral medications and the support of the network, my family, and ART. These were not always available to the many people I lost in the past, who were sacrificed by the ignorance of HIV and the lack of someone to give them inspiration. I learned very well from this and I have a better life today. I read about a young man, Leon, who went to visit some prisoners and told them of his fight with HIV. One said to him: “Anyone who’s ever been a success at anything will attest to the importance of mind–set, I commend you.” In this sentence I find inspiration to live with HIV honourably.
Success Story of Dr. Devdatta Gore
Dr. Devdatta Gore worked as a surgeon in the small coastal town of Ratnagiri in western India until he got HIV in 1994. The diagnosis shattered his health. His weight dropped from 68 kg to 38 kg. His CD4 count fell to 38, he got opportunistic infections ranging from herpes to cerebral atrophy, and in 1996, his doctor gave him only two months to live.

In 1998, four years after he was diagnosed as positive, Devdatta embarked on a treatment regimen based on a mix of healing traditions: ARVs, yoga, nutrition, breathing exercises, and spiritual healing. It is unusual for a doctor trained in allopathy to turn to other healing traditions, but Devdatta believes that his recovery truly began only once he had found mental peace – the acceptance to be at peace with himself and the world. Since that day, he has been on a sustained path to recovery.